A Collector's Edition? -  L.A. Tripp
What exactly makes something a collector's edition?

I guess a lot of factors can go into that, and I'm betting each factor will differ according to each collector. I mean, are there any rules anywhere that state what the universal law is that governs whether something becomes a collector's edition or not?

Hey, if you know of such a universal law or set of laws, please tell me. I'd love to know!

As far as I can, just coming out with another, updated edition of something can make the previous edition a collector's item. If that's the case...you may want to spend a measly five bucks and purchase my current edition of The Dating Doctor Diaries...because I'm about to split the book up!

Yes, split it up. Currently it's got two main parts. A story up front, and a how-to manual in the back. What I'm about to do is, flesh out some details of the story part that I purposely left out in the current edition, and publish it by itself. Then I'll add the how-to manual as a companion edition.

Here's the current synopsis/blurb:
This book is a snapshot in the life of dating and seduction coach, L.A. Tripp. He tells a gruesome story of his relationships and the methods he uses to teach guys to "get the girl".

Watch his learning curve and find out that it's not so different from the you. Feel his turmoil as his love life is thrown into a tailspin because of one woman.

Along the way, Tripp shares tidbits that you can use for your own love life, immediately, to see results for yourself.

In the end, which woman does he pick? Is she Mrs. Right?

And find out what he believes is the most important lesson to learn when attracting hot women.

Enjoy it this way while you can!
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