A new door. -  L.A. Tripp
Another door seems to have opened. I've been accepted to write for the Examiner publication. Reviewing my local bars, hehe. That can be a fun job. Non-fiction. Putting pen to paper . . . or fingers to keys (lol) will allow me to take a blunt edge to our local night scene and publicly declare all of their respective problems. Finally, a way to bring true customer wishes out into the open. A true customer perspective. Now . . . if only the actual venues would listen to what (GASP) the customer ACTUALLY wants . . . 

I'd say there's about as much chance of that as Wal-Mart or Target or like companies actually listening to what the customer really wants.

It's funny . . . GOOD business practice dictates to give the customer what the customer wants . . . otherwise you have no business because it goes elsewhere. Seems most owners haven't put their noodle to work when it comes to good business practices. And they wonder why so many business's don't last . . . hmmmm

Well, now I'll do my little part to make the consumer heard . . . or that's the dream anyway, lol

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