A smell that lingers...10 years? -  L.A. Tripp

Ah yes, memories of times past, of childhood's almost forgotten, of lovers and lost lovers, of heroes come and gone, of modern day time twisters. Wait...what? Hmmm, Claire Simons, get out of my head, my dear. Well, I'll scoot over and let you explain... 
As I strolled down the lonely road listening to the birds I was struck by, of all things, the medical smell that lingered in the air despite the presence of the bull dozers and building work paraphernalia. It was as if the patients and doctors had left only yesterday leaving the old asylum echoing with memories of the past. In fact the place had been closed for over a decade and had sat neglected and forlorn in all that time. The builders were now moving in to convert the place in to posh houses and flats and all record of its past were airbrushed form the sales literature. The old lunatic asylum was an extremely atmospheric place and as I walked gazing at the impressive old buildings a story began to form in my head - Evie and Claire wanted, no demanded, for their story to be told. I was concerned that twisting together two different time periods wouldn't work but that night my head was full of what I had seen and sensed and so I began to write. Falling from Grace was the result.

I am a 37 year old aerospace engineer. I live with my husband, two cats and two rescue ferrets in Essex, England. I work full time and am also training to become a counsellor. I love to write and read and am also a tarot card reader in my spare time! I have been fascinated by the paranormal ever since I saw my first ghost at the age of nine and so it seemed only natural that my first book should be of a paranormal nature.

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