A story to amuse you . . . -  L.A. Tripp

"I had a dream," Nelly said.

"What was the dream?" Eminen asked.

"That you were burning down my house with Rihanna tied to my bed," Nelly said.

"I love the way you lie to me," Eminem said.

"Nah man, I'm serious. I think Katy triggered it by talking about teenage dreams," Nelly said.

"She does make me want to run away with her, but I have a crush on Rihanna now," Eminem said.

"Ok, quit talking behind my back and take one look at me. Just one touch, guys, make it real," Katy said from the doorway.

"Nah baby, they are all," Rihanna says as she saunters through the room, hips swaying, "under my," she glances at each of the three, lands her eyes on Katy, "umbrella."

"That umbrella will come in handy since the fire man is here," says Lil Wayne, walking in the front door.

"Sorry ladies," Jason says from the stairway, "but these guys are about to learn how to ride solo again."

"Y'all quit hatin, would ya? Just show a lil love and collaborate," says Chamillionaire while taking a bite and walking out of the kitchen.

"Good idea," says Katy again, "you guys are my missing piece. I'm complete now."

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