Anchoring -  L.A. Tripp
You've got your entire past of bad memories anchored to your mind forming your current belief system. This is what you now believe about yourself. This is where you draw from to say "I can" or "I can't" do something here in the present and in the future.

It's a common thing. Everyone has good and bad experiences. These experiences, throughout our life are anchored to certain actions or events in our life. For instance, you were traveling through a certain intersection when someone turned in front of you. Now, every time you travel through this same intersection, feelings of fear and dread flow through you, along with you being extra aware of all the traffic at this intersection. You may even still EXPECT someone to turn in front of you again. This is because the even is tied to this intersection, or ANCHORED to you this way. This is what an anchor is.

In dating and seduction we use anchors as well, but we try to make those anchors positive. In other words, is the girl enjoying being with you? Good, then give her a cute nick name, or take her to a fun place, or do something memorable so that she anchors that good memory with you. 

Well, when we deal with our past, the years that have led to this moment in your life, you already have tons upon tons of anchors in your mind from all of your life experiences. These anchors usually tend to be negative for most people. These anchors form your current belief system, in other words, they form the ideas of what you think you can and can't do now, at this point in your life.

It's time to free yourself from these anchors. What you've done in the past has no effect on what you can do now. What you can do now is only limited by what you believe you can do and what action you take to make things happen in your life now.

Form some new anchors. Positive ones.

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