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That's the current word from Eternal Press. They got the MS and will review it. I should hear back in that amount of time. Pretty normal.

Rainy day here. Not much work getting done considering kids are inside and I'm tending to them.

Still trying to carve out time for my next assignment, my sequels, and my dating and seduction book, "The Dating Doctor Diaries"

Hope there's no jury next week . . . 
Now let's see if they like it or not.

I hope they do, obviously, but either way, it's time for me to move on to other projects. School assignments, possible jury duty (UGH!), and my sequels. Along with taking care of my kids and family.
Honestly, this is a bad summer so far. But, I'm trying to turn that around. I had a friend just last night make the comment that my summer, thus far, could make another book. And that's true.

Well, at the moment I'm hammering out a MS for Eternal Press, if they like it. A holiday story. New Year's Eve. Based on a personal experience, but still a fiction story. So yes, some things are a bit embellished. And no, I'm not telling you what is embellished right now, lol.

Plus, I've got a writing assignment, since I'm attending an online school currently to sharpen what is said to already be some skill in writing. Hey, we can always get better, right?

And somewhere in the mix I've got to start hammering out my sequels to my already on sale ebook.

Well, all work now to pay off later, right? Tours should be fun . . . trave




Welcome to the start of my author blog.

I will most likely write random thoughts here. Some political, some relating to dating and seduction since that's another "career" of mine, some relating to family, and possibly some relating to my characters.

If you feel so inclined to leave comments about my blog not being written well and count that against me as a writer, so be it. Have your fun with that. I don't care.

I like to write for sites like and usually don't edit things the first time around there either. If you want my edited work, read my books ;)

With that said, I do hope you enjoy my blog, when I have time to add to it. You'll at least get more of "me" here.
Or something like that. Hope you enjoy your reading, or skimming, of my blog ;)