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He's a pretty cool guy. What's funny is he used to live in L.A. And the wife he's divorcing came from there as well. We went out this past Saturday. Had some fun.

Finances. Ugh. The economy ain't getting any better at the moment, and it's a scary thing, honestly. And Obama is leaching yet more money from all of us. Doesn't he live high enough already? Geez man . . . give us average Joe's a break!

Well, once I'm a household name, I guess the finances will finally improve, lol. I'm on several .com's now: fanstory, examiner, have some work on webook, amazon, and I'm not exactly sure what else, lol.

Business is cyclical. It goes up and down. Right now, it's going down . . . HARD. Hopefully we can hang in there till it cycles back up.

Come on America. Come on, family.
I've been noticing people feel awkward about almost everything, almost all the time. Why is this?

Has society programmed us to feel this way, to this extreme?
I've had a lot going on. Met another new guy, this one is a marine, took him out and talked to him a bit about dating and seduction.

Been working on a new MS. Been tending to family and working on my body at the gym.

And . . . been dealing with car problems. Who doesn't, though? LOL.

I gotta say, though, I particularly like Eminem's two newest songs, "I love the way you lie" and "I'm not afraid." Very powerful lyrics.
Another door seems to have opened. I've been accepted to write for the Examiner publication. Reviewing my local bars, hehe. That can be a fun job. Non-fiction. Putting pen to paper . . . or fingers to keys (lol) will allow me to take a blunt edge to our local night scene and publicly declare all of their respective problems. Finally, a way to bring true customer wishes out into the open. A true customer perspective. Now . . . if only the actual venues would listen to what (GASP) the customer ACTUALLY wants . . . 

I'd say there's about as much chance of that as Wal-Mart or Target or like companies actually listening to what the customer really wants.

It's funny . . . GOOD business practice dictates to give the customer what the customer wants . . . otherwise you have no business because it goes elsewhere. Seems most owners haven't put their noodle to work when it comes to good business practices. And they wonder why so many business's don't last . . . hmmmm

Well, now I'll do my little part to make the consumer heard . . . or that's the dream anyway, lol
Yes, life happens, unfortunately, lol.

Ugh, I have got exactly NO editing done. After the repair man spent HOURS, literally, repairing our door today . . . and I had to keep both kids out of the way . . . that left absolutely no time for me to edit. Ugh. Well, at least the door shuts now. Maybe I should write a story about the misadventures of editing and the horror of door repairs . . . haha.

Well, at least I caught up on client email.
Phew. Wrote two non-fiction works. Now to edit and decide which should be used for the assignment.

For the last assignment, which was fiction, the instructor said she thinks I should come back to it later and develop the story more. She sees more potential in it than just a short story. I agree. I have a feeling she's going to feel similar about this one.
Non-fiction. A bit of a different beast than fiction is. Fiction is the monster of my mind. Non-fiction is the monster of my life. Brainstorm time now to cultivate details of my experiences of one of my careers. I believe I'll use my dating and seduction coach career for this assignment. That would be the most interesting topic to cover for 750-1000 words.

I think the instructor will find this one interesting.
Gearing up for my Woe to the Rich! sequels. Gotta get back into character . . . er . . . characters. What, with Troy, Jessica, Royce, Jim, not to mention the main characters (LOL), I need to focus . . . just a wee bit. I've proven I can write 5,000 words plus a day, so if I can only carve out the time now . . . I should be able to knock these sequels out . . . over the next few years, lol.

Plus I've got so many new characters bouncing around in my head, screaming to come out . . . and new stories begging to be told. I've found myself in need of the writing outlet. Sigh . . . making time my dear, making time, I tell myself.

Yes yes, that's the most precious commodity at this moment . . . time.
Calibration, the bigger picture.

Here's something that has a big scope, even in a specific tiny situation.

For instance, when you're dealing with one girl and are picking her up, you think it's a small scale. It sort of is, but change your perspective.

We have to calibrate for each and every person we interact with, because people are all different.

For each girl, you have to put yourself in her shoes. What would SHE like? What would tease HER? What would make HER feel more comfortable with you? What would turn HER on more? What would seduce HER? See, that's calibration. One girl can be turned on from having her hair pulled. Another girl will be turned on more by having her cheek stroked.

This also applies to life, and to business.

Sam Walton, if he were alive today, would run Wal-Mart far different than his kids are running it. I'm convinced of that. When he was alive, people were happier with the store. The policies he implemented were different. He thought about the CUSTOMER. His kids, they didn't fight to earn the company or the wealth, so they don't know how to handle it. So they institute policies that are, at times, stupid. Sam had a good business mind and thought about the customers and put himself into the customers shoes, and his company grew. Today, Wal-Mart has battled struggling sales, bad word of mouth, etc., and the kids are running it.

A similar thing happens with many other big name companies and many small local companies as well. A club that I used to frequent changed their General Manager. As a result, staff has had a HUGE turnover, bands that draw in larger crowds no longer play there (because those particular bands are more expensive), and they've changed their dress code. As a result, they've lost a tremendous amount of business. I no longer patronize the place and several other key people that are in my social circle will no longer patronize the place. We are people that helped to draw in the crowd. We'd tell people that's where the party is, they would show up.

The owners love this General Manager. They don't have their business minds in place. I talked to the DJ of the place. He says belts are being tightened. Yeah, I can see that, because they are bringing in less known and less popular bands, for one thing. He says money is being made. Sure, some money. What about the boost of income that a well known and liked band would bring in? Sure, the band would cost more, but the revenue would go up as well. As I told him, profits aren't always about just tightening belts. See, you have to give the people what they want, otherwise the people will patronize a different business.

Same with the women you interact with. Each girl wants something different. What does SHE want? It's not all about what YOU want. If you want to get what you want, you have to figure out what SHE wants. Only then will you be successful.

I've picked up a wide variety of types of women. The only way that was possible was calibration with each different one.
Man, what we can do when we set our mind to something. Took me a few months to write a 75,000 word novel. Took me 3 days to write a 20,000 word novella.

Maybe we just get better with practice, lol. Well, I know that's true. But I still surprised myself.

I guess it's a good thing when we can all surprise ourselves. Helps us grow. Helps make our world just a bit better.

Surprise yourself today.