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The red pill . . . or the blue pill?

That has become so cliche. Yet, in some cases, it's still very true.

Opening The Dating Doctor Diaries is akin to deciding between the red pill and the blue pill. Once you cross that threshold, there's no going back.

What's in a book that could have such an impact?

Yeah, seems kinda strange, huh?

Diaries chronicles my career as a dating and seduction coach. A career that spanned at least 4 years, filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Sort of. Sweat and tears for sure. And lots of heartache. But, also some lessons along the way too.

And that's the real purpose of the book. The lessons.

I open myself up and share with you the things I experienced and dealt with on my journey. I talk about things I've taught to both men and women. I talk about things I did that worked and things that didn't work so much. I talk about the underlying meaning of things that you see on the surface. Things like body language, what someone words really mean, what their actions really mean. I talk about how both men and women can be douches at times, yet both are looking for the same thing ultimately. Though that truth tends to be buried under miles of rock and sand and debris. All of which has to be dug through, scraped off, and generally shattered.

I was paid to shatter people's realities. I was good at it. In the process, some of my own realities were shattered. I learned lessons as well.

And most of those lessons are what's packed between the covers of The Dating Doctor Diaries.

From the simple steps of how to say hi to an attractive woman and how to kiss her, to the hardest lessons of which woman to pick for your life partner. While I taught men the simple steps, I was caught in the middle of the hardest choice.

And yes, in my book, you'll discover that. You'll also discover which way I went, and why. My hope is that my journey of discovery can aid you in yours. If so, I can help save you a TON of heartache and time. Maybe even money.

I'd appreciate you checking it out. It can be previewed and bought on Kindle or in hard copy. On Amazon or on my website.

Thanks for giving me a few precious minutes of your time. Have a great day!

The simple version:
You catch the strike-through, you get a free book.

The long version:
You buy a hard copy of The Dating Doctor Diaries through this website. You find the page in it where a word was struck through and missed in our editing process, scan that page, send that scan to me, and get a free copy of All Jacked Up.

I'll even sign The Dating Doctor Diaries for you.

All Jacked Up will be the pdf version with the cover picture. Or mobi version for ereaders.