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Yes, we all hate to be hit by problems. And yes, for some problems, that's understandable. Yet, there are some problems which help us.

Do you know that you can never know what you're true, deepest, most intense passion is unless you've first experienced a deep valley in your life?

So yes, unfortunately some problems are needed. Just try not to artificially create more problems for yourself than you really need, lol.

It is funny, though, the link between passions and problems.

When I was growing up, I always wondered how someone knew what they could be passionate about. I mean, I would go out late at night and throw a basketball at a hoop, outside in the dark, getting bit by those pesky mosquitoes. Did it make me passionate about basketball? Ha! No. Did it make me good at basketball? Ha! That would also be a no.

I used to kick a soccer ball around in a parking lot at a little place my parents lived. I'd kick it against the wall of the automobile shop in front of us. One day I kicked it right through their window. Yep, my parents had to pay for that. Did that make me passionate about soccer? No. It just cost us money to replace a window.

When I started my adult life, I actually started with near perfect credit. My dad worked out a deal with a local banker and got me a small loan. I had good habits, so I had good credit. The banker himself told me that, and told me to stay on that track. Well, did that make me passionate about loans? 

However, two ex's, seven kids, and several years of financial difficulty later, I have indeed found some things I'm very passionate about.

So while you're going through your valleys of despair (yes, I said valleyS), find your next passion. At least get SOMETHING good out of the deal ;)