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Well, technically, not the mouth attached to my own body, but nevertheless.

Readers always say they want a peak into the writer's life.

Well, let me tell ya. That peak can be pretty boring. I mean...sticking in headphones, cranking the music, putting fingers to keyboard, and typing away to paint with words that pictures that are going through my mind. Taking a break for the potty or to eat, then back to fingers pounding keys. Yes, it's so entirely utterly amazingly glamorous. Ahem.

Ok, ok. I do happen to have a quick story I can share today about my writer's life.

Took two of my kids walking today. Been trying to do that some since the weather is nice enough, now. Took them around my complex as I have a few times. Today, walking around one corner, we saw another child. Cool. Maybe a new friend for my two year old girl.

My little girl just watched this new child. Watched with much interest. So, that mom and I start talking. Her name is Karen. She introduces me to her mom, whom she lives with. Before long we're talking about tattoos and a local artist that people confuse me with. That takes us to writing. This leads them to tell me that her mom is published in a local publication back home.

Then, my blabber mouth tries to change the subject. No, not the mouth on my own body. My blabber mouth is my 7 year old son. It's an affectionate name, really. Thing is, he'll tell a total stranger all about our entire family. What we do, where we go, who is in our family, etc. Every detail. So he tries, as is his custom. The subject gets abruptly changed...back to writing, haha. Not by me, mind you. I'm listening. After all, if I so much as tried to interrupt my lovely blabber mouth, he would go right back to his story. I've tried, haha.

So, back to writing we go.

And then...voila! Mr. Blabber Mouth takes off again. He desperately wants to change the subject. After all, daddy's writing is boring. Haha! Not really. It's just that he doesn't understand it yet. So, attention needs to be focused back on him. Not daddy. That's cool with daddy, though. He start unleashing some more details.

And, voila! Yes, the subject is changed back to...writing.

Then, drum roll please, my son changes it back to what SHOULD be the gold topic of the day. HIM. Gotta love him. Actually, if it was HIM that was the topic, I would be delighted with it. But when it's family details to a stranger. Eh, not so much.

So, two opposing forces battle between talking about....well, themselves. A 7 year old continues his power play and an adult continues her power play, seeing who has the biggest will or most staying power, or....something like that. Who will win? Hehe, my son won't give in that easy. Then again, neither should most writers. But, alas, most writers do give in that easy.

So, we end this verbal tug of war and agree that we'll see each other outside again soon, since the weather is nice.

Yes, a glimpse into a writer's life.

It's all glamorous and glitzy and, well...braggarty. Or something like that. Especially when it's not you bragging.

What's your glamorous life like? Gotta more glitzy than mine :)