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Here's an unedited excerpt from All Jacked Up Walt Disney World. (Name may change a bit.) Hope you enjoy. Feedback is welcome.

She sat in the driver's seat, key in hand. She looked at me with the most seductive eyes I've ever seen on a girl looking at me. She put her foot on the pedal and wiggled her brows at me. When I didn't move, she extended her hand to me, then did a 'come hither' motion with her index finger.

Oh my God, I can't believe I'm about to actually do this.
"C'mon, baby. You know you want to." That wavy brunette hair is falling across her back looking like she just jumped out of bed, and it looks so good. Her eyes are so bright, it's obvious she's excited. Her smile shows she's completely comfortable with the idea of what we're about to do.

I climb in. As soon as my but hits the seat, she hits the pedal and I'm about to get whiplash. The air starts flowing around us. Her hair flaps a bit as we take off from right outside the Wardrobe Room and head South. We pass a couple of workers and she heads straight into the main hall that cuts a straight line right under the Magic Kingdom. I can't help but watch her hair, her face, her eyes. The smile grows wider, her eyes grow brighter, and her hair seems to get lighter with every second and each section of the hall that she drives us through. The lights are passing overhead, the wall sections are passing beside us letting me know that we are going at a decent rate of speed.

In just a few minutes we come to the section where the Utilidors split in three ways again. She lets off the pedal to slow down, then takes a sharp right, in front of the personnel office. Then she takes an almost immediate sharp left, then another sharp right in front of Stairway 18.

The hall turns at an angle to the right as we start to go around the circle of the Utilidors. She drives down a bit and some workers start telling us to slow down. She ignores them and we pass a first aid station and a break area on the left. On the right is Stairway 17, which goes to the Crystal Palace.

She comes close to knocking the legs off a couple of guys and they cuss her.

I look at her again and she's smiling bigger than ever.

"You do realize that you're throwing your job here away, right?"

The joy on her face continues to grow. "Oh, I should have done this a long time ago."

I try to sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing we will both be fired in the morning.

The hall makes a couple more curves to the right and we're under Adventureland now. We pass another hall to the left that contains Stairway 13 which goes to Liberty Square and Adventureland Veranda, and Stairway 16 which goes to Adventureland and Frontierland. There's also a break room and a bathroom down that hall.

"Hey, slow that thing down if you know what's good for you!" The voice yelling fades as she ignores them and keeps going.

The hall breaks to the right again and we pass Stairway 12 to Ye Old Christmas Shoppe, on the right. On the left are Stairway 10 to the Hall of Presidents and Stairway 15 to Legend of the Lion King. This leg of the Utilidors is a bit longer, so we keep going. Another hall shoots off to the left and contains Stairway 14 and goes to Liberty Square, Columbia Harbor House, and Peter Pan's Flight.

A lady jumps out of our way. "I'm reporting you!"

Immediately after that hall is the Lion King Green Room. Just past that is Studio D and the halls breaks again.

"You're gonna crash, you know that don't you!" Another voice that fades into the background.

This time there's the equivalent of a fork in the hall. Studio D is on the left of the fork and the Character Zoo is on the right. Going right, we'll pass the straight section we just came out of and go around to the other half of the Utilidors. Breaking left we'll pass another set of bathrooms and the Fantasyland Dining Room, then we'll be out in the daylight, ready to run off the property. The main wardrobe is in a huge room located in the middle of this fork.

She takes the left this time.

"Wanting to enjoy some outside air now?" I ask.

"Sure. Plus I'm tired of these workers complaining about our little joy ride." Her eyes and her smile are as bright as ever, though.
Supernatural! No, not the TV series, although that's an awesome show. The supernatural, haunted castles and homes, ghosts, ghost hunting, and modern equipment. For those that love this area of fact and fiction, here's a treat for you! Micheal Rivers:

The Ghosts of Verliege

The book entitled Verliege takes place in a fictional town and castle in Germany. Just as
Superman has his Metropolis and the number of planets that are visited in the solar system,
Verliege is nothing more than a figment of the imagination. I am sure some other writers would
agree the towns and cities they have written about are not only imaginary but also have no
connection with the country or state that seem to be the location for the stories. It was said by a reviewer that Verliege did not sound German. Hanover and Lake Constance, both in Germany, sound like you are in Pennsylvania or somewhere here in the states. Yes, I do my research what can I say? Enjoy the stories and try to not to confuse it with real life when Potter waves his wand and turns a pit bull into a toad.

The ghosts in the story Verliege were treated as though they were not fiction. The tools of
the paranormal investigation for the discovery of the existence of the castle ghosts are indeed
some of the actual tools used in paranormal investigations today. Hence, we have added the fact to the fiction which many times goes completely unnoticed.

I have investigated the paranormal for a lot of years (more than I care to admit) and I revel
in the thoughts of new and different technology becoming available to try and answer some of
the questions that plague us about spirits. The video and still technology alone today is enough to make you shake your head in wonderment.

Several of the instances of ghostly activity in the castle were taken from an actual
investigation in three different locations here in the United States. One of the locations was an
old hospital closed down by President Ronald Reagan during his administration.

Some, but not all of the methods used in the book are what goes on in an actual
investigation. I am fond of the full spectrum camera in many instances. As far as sound recording equipment is concerned I prefer Sony Digital technology. The quality of electronic voice phenomena seems to be better for me.

The scent of the woman’s perfume in the air, objects seemingly moving on their own
accord, and being touched, are just part of what can happen on an investigation and were noted in Verliege. The events I just mentioned have been witnessed many times with witnesses in real time. During some investigations you get actual facts about ordinary people who have been dead for a very long time and the information can be verified by official records. This was done on one of our investigations at a famous asylum in West Virginia.

The castle itself in Verliege is a combination of several castles as well as a design of my
own. These castles are well known for their documented hauntings. The town below the castle
was developed from old towns in five different countries and yes dear hearts, one of them
actually is in Germany. The Inn Keeper was an actual man who his real profession in life is a
plumber. For the sake of those who really want to know, his name is …Mueller. He is 100%
born and bred German.

The oddities and mysteries of the world around us are far from mundane and in many cases
incredulous. I believe this is where the saying fact is stranger than fiction derived from. To see
these things in books or on television is at best questionable. To see these things before you is
something you can never forget. For every work of fiction there is fact involved somewhere.
Whether you can comprehend it is another story which involves the working of the human mind
and the level of intelligence one has. Just remember text books are made for learning. Fictional
movies and stories are made for pleasure and a means to escape reality.

Want to know more? Pick up your copy of Verliege.

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