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In my city, a tragedy recently occurred. A pregnant woman was stabbed to death by the man she filed for divorce from.

So, today, I'm breaking from the norm with my blog. The woman murdered is named Katie. Katie, this blog post today is dedicated to you and your unborn baby.

I can't say that I knew this woman. I also can't say that I knew this man. But, what I do know is that when he sent me a friend request many months ago, and I accepted, I looked at his profile pics, and I was disturbed. Here's a man that displays pictures of a woman blowing her brains out and a woman being stabbed to death on a bed with a cross through her mouth as she lays on her back.

Beyond disgusting.

This man is disturbed. His friends say those pics were only his dark sense of humor. As far as I'm concerned, that isn't a dark sense of humor. That's a sick psychopath....BUT that's only my own personal opinion. And I'm still allowed, in this country, at this moment, to have my own personal opinion.

Now, aside from the woman being pregnant, the couple also shared a child. A little girl. She's three.

And she witnessed this murder. How do I know this? Because when the police found her, she was with her dad and she had blood on her clothes. Not only did she witness it, but she must have been close to the act. This child is now traumatized for life.

Yes, I know this blog post today is very disturbing. I know it's sickening. I can't help it. This tragedy has been on my mind for days now.

This supposed man has taken away this little girl's mommy and daddy. This little girl will be forever changed by this tragedy. She will likely suppress the memories for years to come, but they will be there. The knowledge that her dad killed her mom in cold blood will remain in her soul.

So what's my message through all of this?

Simple. NO MAN SHOULD EVER, EVER, EVERRRRR......commit such a senseless act.

I don't care if the woman is your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, or some random woman. I don't care if she's cheated, if she's left you, if she's cleaned you out financially, if she's broken and stolen everything in your life. I've been there myself. There is absolutely never a reason, EVER, to commit such a senseless act. Let God or the Universe deal with her. Don't throw your own life away.

I did find out that this woman, Katie, had filed for divorce from this man. It was after this fact that this man committed this act.

I've known some pretty damn rotten women in my life. That still gives no excuse to commit such violence.

May Katie and the unborn child rest in peace.

Now you may resume your regularly scheduled daily conversations.
Here are a couple more dynamics to keep in mind.

We all deal with cultural issues. Americans live differently from Asians (for example), so they make different lifestyle choices. We also show respect a bit differently. However, when you peel away all the surface layer elements just mentioned, an Asian woman and an American woman will both notice what they consider to be a hot guy when he walks by. The core attraction applies no matter the culture.

This also holds true for the differences between black, white, brown, Asian-American, Native American, European, Swedish, French, Canadian, Mexican, Jamaican, and any other culture you can think of.

Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, J. Lo, and Angelina Jolie are all considered hot across the globe. Yet, they could all represent different cultures. However, they’ve cut through the surface layers and stir the attraction in your gut, or a lower part of the anatomy. People in every culture recognize confidence and sexiness. Those things are universal. Erogenous zones are the same world wide because the human body is the same. And, bottom line, the same body parts are used for sex and reproduction in every culture, bar none.

You have windows of opportunity to talk to attractive women. If you don’t take these windows when they are presented, you either completely miss your opportunity to start getting to know someone who could be a great person, or you must be skilled enough to create another window of opportunity.

When you are meeting and interacting with women during the day in various public places, understand that these women normally have a to-do list in their head, so they may be in a hurry. They also (usually) have not put hours into making themselves up to go out during the day. They aren’t looking to meet anyone.

As you meet these women, the pace of the interaction is different, and the comfort level between you is different from meeting them in a club or bar. Those same women will be more difficult to meet at night.

Most guys can be ready to walk out the door in minutes. With guys who really primp themselves, it takes a half hour, tops.

When women primp themselves to go out at night, they put a hell of a lot of effort into their appearance. You’re looking at one to two hours of prep time. They want the men they meet to have the same pride in their own appearance. These women also want to stand out from all of the other females they expect to be out on that given night. They fuss about their hairstyle, makeup, each article of clothing (tops, pants, shoes, tights/hose, etc.), earrings, finger rings, eyelashes, and more, all in an effort to catch your attention. So, guys, reward them for that.

What actually tends to happen is, as one special person said to me, “My girlfriends and I used to go out to look to meet someone, but eventually, you start thinking, what’s the point? You don’t meet any men of quality, any men who have standards. Even the sex isn’t satisfying, if you go that far.” Guys, time to change that dynamic.

Let me also state this:

Reading beyond this page will offend many, including those who consider themselves righteous and holy, those who consider themselves very conservative, those who refuse to think any negative thoughts, and those that can’t stand someone being blunt with them.

If you fit into one of the above categories, I still encourage you to read further. Why? Because, as uncomfortable as it might make you, you’ll still learn from what’s in this book.

I’ll be honest with you in this book. I’ll pull no punches. I’ll be straightforward and put the truth in your face. If you can stomach all that, I promise you’ll shut the back cover, after every word has been read, more enriched than you are right now.