Chapter 2 of Dating Doctor Diaries . . . Crossroads -  L.A. Tripp
We all have certain crossroads in our lives. We come to this pivot point and have to choose which way to go. Some of us sit there and ponder . . . for days . . . or weeks . . . or even months, before making a move. Some of these crossroads will actually wait that long. Others will not. And, some of us can actually make split second decisions. We all need to learn that trick, or some would call it a skill. Which ever lingo you want to use, there you have it. 

So, back to these crossroads. I know you've had some yourself, and will have more of them. Be ready, they come at unexpected times usually. I've had several in this short journey. Some have been fun, with consequences, others have been not so fun . . . with consequences. I know, you want to know what these consequences are. 

Well, I guess that's what I'm here to share, eh? 

Some of my early crossroads led to some lonely nights . . . others led me down the path of having 3 serious relationships at one time. Yep, sounds like fun. Well, there are elements that are fun, but overall, it's a headache really. 

I want to touch on this serious relationship thingy. It's a dream for some guys, yet an achilles heal for others. For me, it's the whole point. One serious relationship with one woman who gets me. However, it's impossible to get to this point unless you know what you are looking for, and that's impossible to know unless you've had a bit of experience. So, "play on playboy" some would say. 

In reality, it's not at all like that. Sure, us guys get a bad rap because of the players out there. But, truthfully, even if a guy is dating multiple girls, it does not mean he's playing them. Not at all. Just as girls can date multiple guys and swear up and down they aren't actually "involved" with them, so a guy can do the same. But, I know, society doesn't want to see it that way. 

Well . . . fuck society. That's just how I feel about that. If people want to be blind to the truth, you're not likely to open their eyes with logic . . . or even common sense. So, do something more productive with your time. 

The end goal: To have a different girl every night of the week, to have the variety, to have none of the girls get to know you on the deepest, most intimate level . . . or, to have one girl with you every night of the week, have less variety as far as different bodies against you, but having that ultimate deep connection with one particular girl that completely gets you. 

Which would your choice be? I've been on both ends. 

Now, I'm not knocking the idea of having different girls at your beckon call. If that's suitable for you as well as them (yes, for both parties), it's all fine and good. 

I'm like that Hitch character played by Will Smith though, I actually have a set of morals and guidelines that I go by, though most looking in from the outside would disagree with that. 

Oh well, that's their shame and peril. 

Have you ever loved and lost? Have you ever had "the one" slip away? Yep, been there too. How do you resolve that? Ahem, still working in that area. I'll let you know . . . maybe, if it doesn't reveal to much of me. Hope you can take a joke by the way . . . 

I'll leave you tonight with this thought . . . if you have more than one girl waiting on your call, waiting on your presence with her . . . that on any night you have those choices . . . some of those girls will end up lonely . . . and go elsewhere. Maintenance. High maintenance. Are you prepared for that? Or, are you encouraging that? 

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the inner workings of my mind . . .

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