Dvora Swickle "T.T.R.A.B." -  L.A. Tripp
What does one do in their spare time? What's your love? Dvora Swickle talks today about reading to kids and why she feels it's vital.

Dvora's motto is T.T.R.A.B, "Time To Read Another Book".

Dvora Swickle (AKA D.A. Johnson) has been entertaining and writing for children (and her two kids) for over 20 years. Dvora drove school bus for 10 years, creating poems for children to read upon arrival to school. Dvora loves to read in school classrooms, children are captivated by her voice. Dvora works with special needs children and is devoted to helping students 18 to 21 transition from high school into the work community and living independently. 

Stories can help students understand problems without feeling it is directed towards them personally. Working in the school system for 17 years, has been a blessing for her and the students around her, finding time to read during library time Dvora enjoys reading and putting fun voices to her characters, inviting children to take part. Every time she reads "sweet green grass" kids are encouraged to raise there hands. Dvora loves seeing all the fingers in the air, makes her feel so appreciated and warm in knowing they are really listening.

I am a fisher woman by heart and writing a story about a worm and fish seemed fitting for me. In The Wormy Story, I always wondered really what happened down there in the depths of the water between the worm and the fish. 

In the classroom where I work, children find memorizing a hard subject. Easy for some than others I decided to write a short story Eggs 4 Tea. In this story describes how to remember something by association, so read with me while Ellie the elephant learns how to remember names and find new friends too. 

I believe with all my heart reading is the door to the world, finding fun characters who teach while entertaining in a positive spirit. Walk with me through my vision to keep children reading.

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Thank you much Toney. This is wonderful you are a true master at creating the art of 'Catching One's Eye!" I heart you totally!


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