Emergency! Part 3 -  L.A. Tripp
Oh my God. This is the fastest I have run in my life. As I round another curve, I see the dust cloud behind me. It's amazing that I can even hold my grip on all this dirt. And this funky skin-tight suit they have me squeezed into is unbelievably comfortable. Must be some new age material or something. Oh hell, I think they're seducing me into what ever experiment this is. I've gotta quit enjoying these...amazing skills I've got now. Well, I guess it is better than being dead.

"OK, take a break and let the dust cloud you're sirring settle back to the ground. I hate this part of the job. I hate dust landing all over my body," My new constant companion, Morgan, says.

I stop on a dime. I'm not even out of breath. I walk to her and sit beside her on their makeshift bench, which consists of a couple of milk crates.

"Where am I, Morgan?"

"All that you need to know right now is that you're on a limited trial run. The only way you keep your current life is to pass all of these tests with flying colors."

"No problem. Just give me my old life back."

Morgan locks her warm eyes with mine. Then her eyes turn ice cold. "You will never be going back to your old life. You're dead to your old life. As far as everyone you knew, they all believe you're dead, because you are. You belong to us now. This is your new life. Take advantage of it. You won't have another second chance. One last thing. Your name is now John Millstone. Because you will become the millstone that sinks our enemies.

"What if I don't pass your tests with flying colors?"

"There is no other option." Suddenly, I see passion fire behind those icy eyes. "But don't worry, we've never had a test subject run around our course in excess of 50 miles per hour."

"Course? This is open dessert."

She looks back at her data. "Don't ever let me hear you disrespect a military installation again, Mr. Millstone. This is what most people think of when you talk about Area 51. If only the people knew the full truth of this place. This is only what's above ground. The bed you woke up on is six stories underneath us. Now, run again."

"Run again? What?"

"You were given an order, Mr. Millstone. I'd suggest you obey it."

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