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Watch where you're standing...that's my platform! Or was that platform shoes they were referring to...? Well, I have no idea what platform shoes are, but our guest today, Ey Wade, does want to talk about your writing platform. So listen up!

Finding a Platform

I have (I think) finally found my writing platform. I have read a lot about the need of one and could never really figure out what to build on and now I know. After following a few articles from recommendations on Twitter I became aware of headlines which fit so well with manuscripts I have been working on. I found it amazing how close headlines fit to the works of the written word.

My platform is based on the premise life demands action. Whether it is nonfiction , YA depicting bullying, teen pregnancy, picture books teaching morals and life skills, or a novel making a statement will be the goal. There are many things happening in the world which ticks me the hell off. I, as a citizen in the ‘real’ world can’t change society with a flick of my hand, but my laptop keys can kick butt and change fallacies. I can write people to fulfill my dreams. I can have them do what needs to be done and get away with it.

And because I think a proven rapist (especially of a child) should be caught and beaten to death on the spot and because I am tired of injustices in the judicial system where it seems sexual predators, pedophiles, and deviants have lenient sentences or get away with their crime I wrote The Fishing Trip, where the good guy is the grey matter.  In The Fishing Trip a man named Durham takes revenge on all of the child molesters in his town where perverts are prevalent. In the novel some of the most violent and horrendous acts on children are performed and the abusers face retribution. In my opinion anyone who has the sick mind to rape and/or commit other acts of violence on children, should just accept the fact they will die without a trial.  I know it’s not as easy as black and white, but I bet if redemption fell hard on creeps like that, this sort of crime would end quickly, I'm just sayin'. There are other countries that don't play with this aspect of society. I have decided to have interviews with the characters from my books. THE FISHING TRIP @ In the Chair . 

Come over and get to meet them.

My life demanding action (which must have been festering in my subconscious) caused me to write Beads on a String America's Racially Intertwined History. You can learn all about the reasons behind this enormous feat HERE.

The Perfect Solution which is discussed Here had the first characters to sit In the Chair  .  

These are just a few of my steps unto my platform. I shall be polishing my words, strengthening my platform and building me a bookshelf. Because I shall write the best novels and I will need a place to put all my published books.

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