Gearing up and getting into character. -  L.A. Tripp
Gearing up for my Woe to the Rich! sequels. Gotta get back into character . . . er . . . characters. What, with Troy, Jessica, Royce, Jim, not to mention the main characters (LOL), I need to focus . . . just a wee bit. I've proven I can write 5,000 words plus a day, so if I can only carve out the time now . . . I should be able to knock these sequels out . . . over the next few years, lol.

Plus I've got so many new characters bouncing around in my head, screaming to come out . . . and new stories begging to be told. I've found myself in need of the writing outlet. Sigh . . . making time my dear, making time, I tell myself.

Yes yes, that's the most precious commodity at this moment . . . time.

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