Love You, Daddy! -  L.A. Tripp
Today I unleash a short I've been working on for a bit. It wouldn't seem something like this would take much "work", but for me, it did. I don't write kid's books. There's a reason for that, haha! While I can talk face to face to a child, for some reason I can't write like a child. So, after much work, including editing and cover work, I'm finally releasing to the world a new piece I have.

It's called Love You, Daddy. It's about the current child support system and one families struggle with that. Coming in at 3,500 words, it's a quick read. But, it's also emotional, so I'm told. Who would have thought that a short story about a family struggling and seeing life collapse virtually to ashes, through the eyes of a seven year old, would be so emotionally powerful?

Here's the blurb.

I'm sad.

My daddy tries so hard.

I wish people would grow up and see what life is all about, like I do. I'm seven. I'm a big boy!

Help me fix this legal system thing so they don't take my daddy away from me.

I don't want your little boy or girl feeling sad or lonely like these law people make me feel.

Let's work together and fix this.

Whaddya say?

It's available on Smashwords and Amazon now, so enjoy!

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