Met a Marine. -  L.A. Tripp
He's a pretty cool guy. What's funny is he used to live in L.A. And the wife he's divorcing came from there as well. We went out this past Saturday. Had some fun.

Finances. Ugh. The economy ain't getting any better at the moment, and it's a scary thing, honestly. And Obama is leaching yet more money from all of us. Doesn't he live high enough already? Geez man . . . give us average Joe's a break!

Well, once I'm a household name, I guess the finances will finally improve, lol. I'm on several .com's now: fanstory, examiner, have some work on webook, amazon, and I'm not exactly sure what else, lol.

Business is cyclical. It goes up and down. Right now, it's going down . . . HARD. Hopefully we can hang in there till it cycles back up.

Come on America. Come on, family.

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