My book is published! -  L.A. Tripp
Yes, finally, it's published. It's in print form. Perfect bound paperback, to be exact. 270 pages long. $14.99 retail for those that are interested, lol.

Troy and crew are live and will come to a bookstore shelf near you!

Speaking of . . . I'm gauging interest now in the cities that I will visit first and personally sign copies of my book at. For anyone that's interested, email Troy at the email on this website and tell him you want a visit in your city. I'll use this for my own travel plans as well as to give "evidence" to local bookstores to urge them to purchase and stock these books on their shelves.

It is being distributed through Ingram, which is a major book distributor, so it's available to all of the major chains.

By the way, the print copies are "slightly" different than the ecopies. So, if you bought an ecopy, drop me an email.

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