Rebound -  L.A. Tripp
When we think of rebound, we normally think one of two things.

When you're playing basketball, rebound means you've grabbed the ball after it bounced away from the goal, and you threw it back in there successfully.

The other thing that comes to mind is when you just got out of a bad relationship and immediately throw yourself into another relationship before you're actually healed and ready to move on.

I want to create another connotation of rebound. A better one. Rebound as in rebirth.

I'm bringing my blog back to life. And, in the process, I'm inviting guest bloggers. You can blog about fiction, non-fiction, or just life in general. I just ask that your posts be mostly edited and legible, and that you have a passion about whatever you're posting.

Are you trying to brand your name? Great. Are you trying to brand your character? Great. I'll help you with that by offering you space on my humble page. Just bring your passion ;)

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