"Reps" -  L.A. Tripp
Well, I had an ex tonight talk about my "rep" to my dad. Yeah, so what. It's not like I'm doing anything illegal. I don't do drugs, don't drink when I'm out, etc.

However, this "rep" does follow me around with certain people. At the club tonight, had a couple of guys that I know in there. One of which was telling all the girls . . . "don't underestimate him", and "do you know who this is?", and "I learned everything I know from him", and . . . "he only takes 10's now, but I gotta start somewhere." LOL

Well, as long as he learned something . . . lol

You know, I've been trying to teach several of these guys out there. Good to know someone picked up on some stuff, lol.

Oh what fun it is to ride a sleigh . . . um, yeah . . . S

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