The 1st chapter of my Dating Doctor Diary. -  L.A. Tripp
This is the seed of what will be my book on my Dating and Seduction Coach career.

As a Dating Coach, AKA Dating Doctor, I have many thrills . . . and chills. I see guys and girls at their best . . . and worst. As a part of my profession, body language, mindset, and wording is watched and taught. 

I'm the one that tells the guy standing in the corner with a drink covering his chest, to drop the drink and get on the floor and socialize. Not only do I tell him to do this, however . . . I teach him how to do it, partially by example with me demonstrating the skills myself. 

I have the joy and pleasure of working with guys from each end of the spectrum. Those that have no guts whatsoever to those who can meet a girl and in less than an hour have her in his bed. I also have the adventures of working with women who are trying to learn how to flirt . . . and how to filter the guys that aren't worth it. 

All in all, it's fun work. It's also not something everyone can do because not every has the ability to teach. With that said, I honestly believe everyone can learn these principles and put them into effect for themselves, in their own lives. 

I teach guys the basic principles of attracting females, making them comfortable with you, and seducing those that are interested in going there with the man. Along with this, girls are taught by me what to watch for from these guys, to make sure they're not being played. 

I know the signs, from both genders. I also know the misconceptions. Such as . . . how you dress matters, but it matters less and less the more confident you are. Im my field, we call this confidence Inner Game. We have a language all our own that you most likely would not recognize if you know nothing about this field. With that said, don't have the mistaken impression that I'll teach you all the language, or all of the secrets of my field. Nope, not the purpose of this book. But I will let you in on the inside of some things. 

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