What will 2 bucks get ya? -  L.A. Tripp
A little slice of heaven. You know...a hole-in-the-wall apartment, a vehicle that only breaks down once a week and, if fate smiles kindly, a good looking woman that he can proudly take home to his parents. Not picky. Tack on a  decent job that he doesn't hate. Is that too much to ask? For Jack, it is.

Can he overcome psychotic co-workers, a boss that covers the truth, and falling on the wrong side of the fence? Not to mention interfering parents, trying to climb the rat-race ladder, and a girl that knows a little too much about him.

It all adds up to sleepless nights and a can of beans for his one meal per day.

Will Jack get out of this?

Reader beware: This has a cliff-hanger ending.

(Not a bad deal for $1.99 :P )

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