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My book is now on Barnes and Noble as well!

So, it's national and people all around the country can ask for it and order it.

For ALL those who HATE Obama's fiscal policies and HATE what the Democrats have SHOVED down our throats . . . you NEED this book!

For those that LOVE freedom and capitalism and want to actually have some money in your pocket . . . this story 
Yes, yes, that's right! 

My book, Woe to the Rich! is now available on! Check it out, read it, ENJOY IT!

I've finished my "interview" for News4U which is due to be out next month (November). 

Working on generating media buzz for this book so that signings will go well . . . which means sales . . . which means money, lol. Hey, we ALL have to pay bills . . . I'm just being honest about it, lol.

It won't be long before my book is also available in Barnes and Noble.
3 books distributed already, 2 left on me. More will be on the way . . . and more people are asking about it, equals buzz, equals good, equals successful signings! ;)

I'm now also talking to Borders about possibly getting the book in there too. 

So, in 6 to 8 weeks my book will be available through Barnes and Noble nationwide and through Amazon. Borders isn't as big of a deal, but it's a plus if I can work that one out.

And, with this distribution system, I can also offer this same availability to any other author that publishes through the same company.

Nice. I like helping others.
Yes, this thing is coming to life it seems!

Just got 5 more copies in today. Now to sell them . . . lol

And, in 6-8 weeks this baby will be avai
Finally have this beauty published . . . (well, remains to be seen if it's a beauty or not, lol)

Got a second category I'm writing for Examiner now as well . . . writing on Gordon Ramsay!

And Eternal Press is making their way through their list to get to my novella as well.

Busy . . . busy . . . busy . . . PHEW! lol
Yes, finally, it's published. It's in print form. Perfect bound paperback, to be exact. 270 pages long. $14.99 retail for those that are interested, lol.

Troy and crew are live and will come to a bookstore shelf near you!

Speaking of . . . I'm gauging interest now in the cities that I will visit first and personally sign copies of my book at. For anyone that's interested, email Troy at the email on this website and tell him you want a visit in your city. I'll use this for my own travel plans as well as to give "evidence" to local bookstores to urge them to purchase and stock these books on their shelves.

It is being distributed through Ingram, which is a major book distributor, so it's available to all of the major chains.

By the way, the print copies are "slightly" different than the ecopies. So, if you bought an ecopy, drop me an email.