Pub houses -  L.A. Tripp

My agent and pub houses are getting serious and looking for a deal. Let's see if it's something suitable. If not, I'll stick with things on my own . . . where I'll make more of a profit anyway. Hell, Sean Combs makes and produces his own stuff and keeps all the profits, why shouldn't I? LOL.

Eh, I've got my pub house set up anyway. Just marketing and promotion takes some time and effort. One of these days I'll have my perfect marketing team. When I find the right, talented people. Until then, I'll do as I've done everything else. Full steam ahead and charging on through. That's how I learned dating and seduction, how I learned how to write effectively and gain fans, how I've found quality people, so why should I stop now? It's an effective course of action.

Till later . . .

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