Emergency! -  L.A. Tripp
As I fight to catch my breath, I open my eyes and see people in blue uniforms, instrument clusters, bags of...saline?

I look down and see clear plastic tubes running out of both arms. My legs are strapped to this gurney that I now realize I'm strapped to. I have a hose taped to my face, with shoots of it invading my nose.

One of the uniformed females holds a needle in her left hand, while flicking it in her right hand. Immediately after, she inserts it into my left leg. The thing is about six inches long. There's no way I'm not feeling that...but strangely, I don't feel a thing.

What the hell happened to me?

"Just gave him the epinephrine!" She yells.

"Pulling in now," someone up front yells back.

I feel the ambulance shift. She holds on to the bed and the side of the ambulance.

The ride stops. The back doors fly open. More uniformed people race in, grab my bed, and like a well-oiled machine, they have me out before I can raise my head to say hi.

Lights whiz over head. Things buzz and chirp as they race me down the hall.

"There's someone in that room with a cut in their finger, you can't go in there," someone tells this crack team that's rushing me in.

I can't feel my body and they are worried about a cut in their finger???

"We need a room, now!" The lady that stuck the six inch needle yells.

"It'll be ten minutes," A lady off to my side says. 

I can't see anyone other than those that brought me in.

"Oh, he doesn't look good. What are his chances, like ten percent?" The same voice that said a room will be ten minutes.

"I'm filing a formal complaint against you personally if you don't get me a room...NOW!" The lady that stuck me. I'd love to know her name for going to bat for me.

Before I hear anything else, everything goes black...

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