Respect -  L.A. Tripp
"It's that time of year again when the annual voting is opened up to find the best Pick Up Artist in the world. I was completely honoured to be voted number 1 last year as it showed that the pick up community isn't just about getting laid and using weird techniques and dressing funny.It showed everyone that we are learning legitimate psychological techniques to try and understand women. It showed that the community supported healthy relationships that lead to marriage, and that its OK for men to want to get good at attracting women.The votes are up again and I need your help once more!"

What happened to people showing others respect? Especially people of a similar social status? The above shows insecurity on the person that sent it out. His name is Adam Lyons or AFC Adams or Adam London and is considered to be top notch. If he was top notch, he wouldn't be trashing another respected member this way.

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