The Bachman Mandate and The Good Ole Days? -  L.A. Tripp
Well, I could imageine that if Michelle Bachman gets the oval office, she may turn society as know it, on its head.

Would that be good or bad? 

Well, obviously for some it would be very, very bad.

For others, the normal citizens like you and I, it should be very, very good.

See, I don't know about you, but for me, "the good ole days" means when the economy was trucking along, when people trusted each other more, and when people weren't afraid to be friends.

When I could walk down to my neighbors house, knock on their door, and ask for their daughter to come out and play. There was no fear. Well, ok, there was fear, on MY part because I was asking this beautiful female to come out and play with me. But, I sucked it up and did it . . . most days.

See, our doors weren't locked, but we had respect for each other. They didn't come up and walk into our home uninvited and we didn't intrude in theirs either. Yet, their daughter and myself could joyfully go out into her front yard or behind their house and romp in the feild, or explore their trees, or find hidden treasures in what our parents called junk. In those days, junk was the rusting cars sitting around, or the little trinkets that moms had in their old jewelry boxes that they no longer wore or used.

My neighbor and I would sit down, side by side, talk quietly, laugh joyfully, and dream in wonder of what awesome adventures these vehicles had been through and what the little trinkets had seen in their lifetime. We could spend an entire day exploring these treasures.

The wonder of the good ole days. You know, when gas was less than $1/gallon, sodas were a quarter, and going into town was an advernture.

Well, some of that could be brought back. Bachman has promised $2 or less for a gallon of gas. Would be wonderful. Now, if she could just bring back the wonder of our childhood, but that's not government's place. However, Troy could very well help trigger those memories for you when he takes over the world's financial system.

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