The power of our words...or lack thereof. -  L.A. Tripp
As writers, we need to understand the power of the written AND spoken word. We also need to understand the power of the LACK of words.

To do that, let's consider things from a reader's point of view for a moment. And even from the point of view of someone who is simply speaking.

We have it pounded into our heads that our words, whether written or spoken, can hurt, so we need to watch our words. This is true. Sometimes, every now and then, on rare occasions, we also hear that our words can serve to build others up. This is also true.

However, how many of us realize the FULL power of our words?

When we are trying to make a point while speaking, what do most of us do? We yell or put MAJOR emphasis on what we're trying to make a point of. The rare individual actually uses something called...a emphasize something specific. In speech this sets off whatever is paused from everything around it. In writing, there is actually the same effect.

We have tools when writing that allow us, for the most part, to duplicate what our spoken words can do. As writers, we should learn each of these tools.

Now, as a speaker, some people just have what we call diarrhea of the mouth. In other words, they don't shut up, for anything, regardless, even if they have made their point already, it doesn't matter, they just keep spurting, and spurting, and don't get the clue, whether you speak up or not, whether their own brain tells them to stop...they DON'T stop.

You don't want to talk like that AND you don't want to write like that. Get your point made as succinctly and beautifully as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.

That brings us to our LACK of words. Sometimes less really IS more. We can describe one thing ten different ways and it has NO GREATER IMPACT just because it's been described ten different ways.

Say something ONE way. The most efficient, most dramatic way. The way that will impact the listener or the reader the most, ONE time. That way it STICKS WITH THEM. When you repeating, you actually end up softening the impact.

And yes, I'm guilty of this myself. So don't click on my the right...or you may be disappointed :P

As writers and as readers, we need to make our speech as tight as possible. As to the point as possible. Have as much impact as possible. Just think, not many people have 20 minutes to hear something you can say in 2 minutes.

So get it done. You'll be happy you did ;)
LK Watts
5/8/2012 09:49:35

I think people should learn their language in the greatest possible detail. Communication is misinterpreted in so many different ways. If people studied how to communicate effectively, they would be happier because they would know how to express themselves.


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