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I've been in a conversation with a couple of fellow indie authors about this issue.

They are wondering, and maybe even scared, to use their free promo days that Amazon gives to us for participating in their Select program.

So, why would these authors be afraid to use something a book GIANT is giving to us?

The sad reality is, they feel like we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Why? Because there are a ton of fellow indie authors that will tear you to shreds because you want to give a copy of your book away for promotional reasons.

Here's a dose of reality that those NEGATIVE indie authors either miss or choose not to see. Free promos work in EVERY field. I don't care if a laundromat gives away one load of laundry to lure people in, a supermarket gives away some small item to lure business in, or a car dealer gives away a free detail job or some service to lure people in. The end result is the same, regardless of the industry. The business GIVES AWAY something to HOPE FOR DOLLARS in return.

And you know what else? It...WORKS. If freebies didn't work, brick and mortar businesses would not continue doing it. Hell, even internet based businesses do it. David DeAngelo, who works in the dating and seduction field, or pick up artist field, frequently gives away great tidbits. You know what else? He makes more than anyone else in that field. To the tune of $20 million dollars each year. So again, bottom line, freebies WORK.

Now, many indie authors will tear you to shreds if they so much as HEAR that you want to run a free day promo. They will preach to you that you're devaluing all of our collective works. If that doesn't convince you not to do a free day, then you're just scum who can't write a lick to save your life.

Seriously, this is what we call SUPPORTING each other? I think not.

Who cares if you personally HATE the free days. You know what, the other author is not giving YOUR book away. Unless of course you have asked them to. They are trying to promote THEIR book. So lay off and learn how to actually show another human being some honest-to-God support.

Drop the jealousy you're feeling and show a fellow indie true support.

Here's another reality check. I've talked before about Pixel of Ink and ENT and how they are currently the only viable venues to really get your book noticed on a free day. Well...that's not exactly true. It is, but it isn't. The reality is, there are enough authors within the indie community that SAY they will do ANYTHING to support their fellow indies. Well, if all of these indie authors would put their mouse where their mouth is, we'd see a lot more ACTUAL support.

What do I mean? I don't mean you have to go out and spend your hard earned dollars, buying every book that your fellow authors publish. Not at all. And some of you just ignored that last line. You have no idea what I said.


Got it?

Let's try this again.

When a fellow indie author has a free promo day, there are enough of us indie authors in all of our communities that we can raise up each indie author on their particular free promo day. That means you simply DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY. Is that REALLY so hard?

I don't care if you only have a PC, a Mac, don't have a Kindle, do have a Kindle, only have a Nook, what ever. It doesn't matter. Period. If you have a PC, download the app for Kindle for PC. If you have a Mac, same thing. If you only have a Nook...I'm sure you have a computer as well. SURELY you see where I'm going without me spelling out EVERY detail.

Ok, now that we're on the same page's the next step.

When a fellow indie has their book up for a free promo day....DOWNLOAD a FREE copy! 

"But I already have it" you say.

Awesome for your support! Now....DELETE IT AND DOWNLOAD ANOTHER.

Or, if Kindle won't let you do that, download it to a different device, like a different computer. In other words, there is SOME way that you can download another FREE copy. We're just too damn lazy to help others, it seems.

"But I don't download what I won't read. Period."

Well, that tells me and the rest of the community that you DON'T truly support your fellow indies. I personally do download TONS of books I probably won't ever read. Seriously, what does it COST ME? Nothing, other than a few seconds to make a click.

Then, there are other authors who simply hate the guts of some fellow indies. Yeah, that's really supporting your community too. GROW UP.

Look, here's the bottom line. The reason why Pixel and ENT are SO effective is simply their reach. They have the ability to reach THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people, individual readers. It takes THOUSANDS of downloads for each book to pop the number one spot in your particular genre.

Thing is, if your book does NOT hit the number one spot, it won't stay afloat as long after the free day. If it doesn't at least crack the Top 10, your free day was wasted.

Here's another part of this reality check. There are enough authors in our communities as a whole to get each individual fellow indie author SEVERAL thousand downloads on EACH of our free days.

So, to recap, drop your hatred, grow up, click a book even if you don't like it (just hit delete), and help that fellow author to hit that coveted number one spot. It hasn't cost you a single penny to show support. Yet, by that author hitting number one, THEY will now have the opportunity to have TONS of new, fresh eyes seeing their work. IF their work has merit, it may hold the Top 10 for a while, while gaining actual paid sales that YOU are paying nothing for. You simply clicked your mouse. If their book does not have merit, it will soon vanish into the ether, therefore not hurting you or your book anyway.

So again...WHY is it SO hard to show TRUE support to your fellow indie author???

C'mon. AS A COMMUNITY WE ARE STRONG. Divided, we fall.
Well, I could imageine that if Michelle Bachman gets the oval office, she may turn society as know it, on its head.

Would that be good or bad? 

Well, obviously for some it would be very, very bad.

For others, the normal citizens like you and I, it should be very, very good.

See, I don't know about you, but for me, "the good ole days" means when the economy was trucking along, when people trusted each other more, and when people weren't afraid to be friends.

When I could walk down to my neighbors house, knock on their door, and ask for their daughter to come out and play. There was no fear. Well, ok, there was fear, on MY part because I was asking this beautiful female to come out and play with me. But, I sucked it up and did it . . . most days.

See, our doors weren't locked, but we had respect for each other. They didn't come up and walk into our home uninvited and we didn't intrude in theirs either. Yet, their daughter and myself could joyfully go out into her front yard or behind their house and romp in the feild, or explore their trees, or find hidden treasures in what our parents called junk. In those days, junk was the rusting cars sitting around, or the little trinkets that moms had in their old jewelry boxes that they no longer wore or used.

My neighbor and I would sit down, side by side, talk quietly, laugh joyfully, and dream in wonder of what awesome adventures these vehicles had been through and what the little trinkets had seen in their lifetime. We could spend an entire day exploring these treasures.

The wonder of the good ole days. You know, when gas was less than $1/gallon, sodas were a quarter, and going into town was an advernture.

Well, some of that could be brought back. Bachman has promised $2 or less for a gallon of gas. Would be wonderful. Now, if she could just bring back the wonder of our childhood, but that's not government's place. However, Troy could very well help trigger those memories for you when he takes over the world's financial system.

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He's a pretty cool guy. What's funny is he used to live in L.A. And the wife he's divorcing came from there as well. We went out this past Saturday. Had some fun.

Finances. Ugh. The economy ain't getting any better at the moment, and it's a scary thing, honestly. And Obama is leaching yet more money from all of us. Doesn't he live high enough already? Geez man . . . give us average Joe's a break!

Well, once I'm a household name, I guess the finances will finally improve, lol. I'm on several .com's now: fanstory, examiner, have some work on webook, amazon, and I'm not exactly sure what else, lol.

Business is cyclical. It goes up and down. Right now, it's going down . . . HARD. Hopefully we can hang in there till it cycles back up.

Come on America. Come on, family.